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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Since the month of Ramadan has begun we hear, watch or read about
inspirational facts of this month for instance:

“Fast is purely for Allah [SWT] and he will give reward of it personally’’


“This is the most rewarding month for Muslims as it is a test of his patience and love for Allah’’

Very recently ALGERIA  set an example for the World by keeping fast during their match in FIFA world cup 2014. Stunning! Do these informations really matter in our lives?

Zero %

I have a very strong reason of my calculation. The society in which we are living has become desensitized and considers to follow their Nafs instead of killing it for Allah. People around me least bother now to pay some respect to this month. You  can easily find people chewing tobacco openly, smoking or drinking water inside their shops. 

Why do Halwaies start frying samosas around 3 pm? How can they be so sure that they get customers at this hour of time?

When we cannot first sacrifice our hunger and thirst for Allah (SWT), how can we abstain ourselves from vulgarity, lies and quarrels? How can we abstain ourselves from backbiting, accusing and bullying?

We do not need any external enemy to destroy us we our self-sufficient for this terrible destruction of our faith, culture and community.

Lets join hands together to at least help people in reminding their past practices in Ramadan. Lets become role models for others and let the generations follow us. Let Allah be contented with this Ummah. And lets become the most deserving candidate of Jannah.

By Ambreen Khalid


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